Sunday, January 22, 2012


After a week of posting the first ever Apartment Therapy and The Kitchn Photo Contest, readers have chosen a winner. Bethany Nauert, a contributor and photographer extraordinaire, based in Los Angeles has garnered the most votes with the above image. This photo is a knock out, and when you think about it, the scene represents the ethos of our sites-- It celebrates design, good living and gathering for a meal. It's beautiful.

Congratulations Bethany and cheers to many more great images from all of our team in 2012!

Thank you to all who nominated an image for best photo of the year. There was such a diverse group of images, showcasing the talents of many different contributors.

Image: Bethany Nauert for Apartment Therapy


  1. Congrats and hurrah to Bethany (beautiful shot)...and everyone else who was nominated. We're fortunate to have such talented contributors.

  2. xo thank you so excited! and most of all so rewarding to be part of an amazing community of thoughtful and talented people. go ATeam!


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