Friday, January 20, 2012


I just spotted some very inspirational interiors images and wanted to share. Yes the spaces are beautiful, the furniture pitch perfect and the light just pouring in, but it's the compositions in these photos that are full of movement.

The photographer (and for the life of me I cannot figure out who this person is, if you speak Swedish or can find a link, please let me know so we can credit him/her here) captures each room with a wonderful sense of creativity and a great feel for having objects in the foreground, middle ground and background - by having several layers within a space, a more lively, compelling image is created.

These photos have a lot to teach us - this compositional device, placing an object (doorway or furniture or person will work too!) in the foreground and a major item at the center of the depth of the picture and a few things in the background (artwork is a natural fit for this), will make for more interesting interiors shots - something that can be a problem to solve no matter your level. This is a life-long challenge for every photographer, making spaces come to life! Finding a solution to every shoot is part of the gig, and I'd argue the most creatively satisfying.

So give these a look and next time you're shooting a space get creative with the depth of a space, and look out for small things to put at the foreground of your composition, inviting viewers around the picture plane.

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  1. Great instruction. I work with interior photographers that are a little more old school, wide angle lens-style and I'm always communicating to them this exact thing. Now I have a visual example. Thank you!


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