Sunday, January 15, 2012


Bethany Nauert, one of our contributors located in Los Angeles, just posted a few excellent, easy-to-understand videos on her post production process. Many of you have expressed further interest in this fine tuning portion of making beautiful, balanced images and Bethany breaks it down here for us today.

This is such an excellent opportunity to see how a professional (Bethany also works for a host of other clients outside of Apartment Therapy) puts the 'icing on the cake' sorta speak. It's her ability both while shooting on location as well as the post details that make Bethany's work come to life.

Remember, we are just as much a photographer as we sit slaving away at our computers editing as we are with a camera at our eye.

For those who've asked about editing, these are the videos for you. And if you don't have Light Room, Photoshop has many of the same features (just slightly different names/tools) . . . If you don't have either, I'd suggest Light Room - it's much less expensive than Photoshop and is very user friendly.

Here are the links to her videos: Finding the White Balance, Small Changes in an Image, Cleaning Up an Interior Shot from Start to Finish

// view Bethany's portfolio

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  1. leela, you are rad and too cute. i have an actual link (hidden) from my site,
    there are a bunch of how to videos there as well.


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